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Vivtek is the catchall site for Michael Roberts. Before this update, I'd last changed this index page on September 19, 1999. I figure once a decade is probably reasonable, but if you're change-averse, the old version is here. (I just couldn't bear to part with it.)

Anyway, I wrote that old page in bygone years, when I still made my money from programming. Since then, I'm really not that person any more. I still program for fun, of course -- and I did an open-source workflow system for a while (I'll get back to it any day now.) I wrote and still manage and I'm working on fighting Web spam, too. (Not very effectively lately, because I got bored. So there's a rich vein of spam on this site nowadays. Sorry. I mean, "I'm doing it for purposes of experimentation.") I did a Web comic for a while, using the Toon-o-Matic, which you can now use yourself, right here. And I make my money with technical translation, not programming.

In short, my life is richer and more diverse than I had anticipated in September of 1999. And now, nine years later, I guess it's time this page reflected a little of that. If I were really into this, I'd make some cool graphical layout. But I'm a text kind of guy, so this is what you get instead.

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