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The procdef manager manages (and edits) process definitions. For the time being, I'm only implementing a local filesystem procdef repository -- but the procdef manager will almost certainly be the basis for a remote-serving repository.

The procdef repository, then, is a directory. Process definitions are located in XML files stored in that directory; the filename of each is of the form _.xml. So for example, version 1 of the "chair" process is in chair_1.xml.

Versions are related to one another via an item file, which is likewise an XML file, but is named .xml with no version number. Note the possibility of a naming collision if your identifier has an underscore in it. I'm not even going to worry about that right now.

Finally, the entire procdef repository is catalogued with the file index.xml, which lists all the procdefs in the repository, their current versions, and their owners. At some point, we'll also have to include a permission setup. But all in good time.

Note that the PDM is at once a document management system (in that it provides version control) and an editor.

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