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Well, this is the third component of the wftk, so my environment is getting a little more mature. I've moved XML manipulation into a library to cut down on overhead; eventually I'll redo the core engine to use that library instead of simply defining everything right in the same file.

But this program is really simple. It takes a command on the command line, and it returns some HTML representing some facet of the procdef repository (or some individual procdef in the repository.) A separate program will serve to make changes to procdefs and such; this one will just show things. (I think.)
#include "xmlapi.h"
#include "localdefs.h"

XML * directory;
XML * item;
XML * version;
XML * datasheet;

FILE * file;

char sbuf[1024];
char * mark;
char * format;
XML  * xml;
XML  * holder;

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
   if (argc < 2) {
      printf ("Usage: pdm <command> [<args>]\n");
      return (1);
   directory = NULL;
   item = NULL;
   version = NULL;

   if (!strcmp (argv[1], "list") ) {
      See list: Displaying the procdef directory
   } else if (!strcmp (argv[1], "starter")) {
      See starter: Displaying a process start form
   } else if (!strcmp (argv[1], "datasheet")) {
      See datasheet: Generating a blank datasheet
   } else if (!strcmp (argv[1], "editor")) {
      See editor: Displaying an edit form
   } else {
      printf ("Unknown command '%s'\n", argv[1]);

   if (directory) xml_free (directory);
   if (item) xml_free (item);
   if (version) xml_free (version);

   return (0);
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