xmlapi: XML manipulation library

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This is another spinoff of the open-source workflow toolkit. expat is great for parsing XML files -- but what do you do with them once parsed? For the wftk and for other projects, I needed a flexible set of functions which could load an XML data structure into memory and then do things to it. This library is the result.

Mar 7, 2002: There are a couple of additional pieces that have started to accrete to the XMLAPI itself: Both of these add-on pieces are included in the xmlapi.dll under Windows, and when I build static libraries, they'll be in libxmlapi as well.

(08/11/00) One of the things I did to it was to write the XMLCGI interface to CGI. It takes all the salient information about the current CGI environment and sticks it into an XMLAPI structure. Makes it easy to do CGI in C. At least for me. (As this is more of an application of XMLAPI rather than a generally useful piece of a library, it's included as a separate object file instead of rolling it into the library, which is probably silly.)