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Most people are familiar with the Apache/CGI model of active content, where an action is defined as a file (the CGI program) which is activated when selected via URL. AOLserver does things a little differently. Well, you can do things that way by putting your Tcl code into a plain ol' Tcl file. But I use the ns_register call to define some URLs as active URLs, and tell the server what Tcl procedure to call when a request is made to that URL. It's a slick mechanism.

AOLserver/Tcl code of this type consists of calls to ns_register, perhaps some settings for global variables, and proc definitions.

Let's start our file off with a little copyright info:
# To-do manager, take 1.
# Copyright (c) 2000, Vivtek.
# Released under the terms of the GNU license.

And let's set two globals: the home directory and the base URL for the application. Oh, and the database connection pool to use.
set todomgr_home /usr/local/AOLserver/vivtek/pages/todomgr/
set todomgr_root /todomgr
set todomgr_pool wftk
Now let's define the URLs we want to use:
ns_register_proc GET  $todomgr_root/create todomgr_create
ns_register_proc POST $todomgr_root/create todomgr_create
ns_register_proc GET  $todomgr_root/start todomgr_start
ns_register_proc POST $todomgr_root/start todomgr_start
ns_register_proc GET  $todomgr_root/show todomgr_show
ns_register_proc POST $todomgr_root/show todomgr_show
ns_register_proc GET  $todomgr_root/complete todomgr_complete
ns_register_proc POST $todomgr_root/complete todomgr_complete
ns_register_proc GET  $todomgr_root/reject todomgr_reject
ns_register_proc POST $todomgr_root/reject todomgr_reject
ns_register_proc GET  $todomgr_root/update todomgr_update
ns_register_proc POST $todomgr_root/update todomgr_update

ns_register_proc GET  $todomgr_root/overview todomgr_overview
(Notice that in Tcl you don't have to enclose strings in quotes if the interpreter can figure things out from context. This causes me no end of grief when coding Perl.)

And let's go ahead and define each of our procedures that we're referring to up there. The bodies of these procedures will be filled in later.
proc todomgr_create {conn ignore} {
  See Definition of todomgr_create

proc todomgr_start {conn ignore} {
  See Definition of todomgr_start

proc todomgr_show {conn ignore} {
  See Definition of todomgr_show

proc todomgr_complete {conn ignore} {
  See Definition of todomgr_complete

proc todomgr_reject {conn ignore} {
  See Definition of todomgr_reject

proc todomgr_update {conn ignore} {
  See Definition of todomgr_update

proc todomgr_overview {conn ignore} {
  See Definition of todomgr_overview
And there are a few utility functions that I'll be using throughout: todomgr_pageout is what I'll use to write pages, and there are some others in the final section of the presentation.
See How I'm writing pages out
See Miscellaneous utility functions
See User administration screens
See Login management stuff
See Keyword/permission management
See Interpreting the results that wftk sends back
(5/10/2000) Let's toss in a couple more procs to deal with datasheet manipulation (the getting and setting of values attached to the process and to tasks.)
See Datasheet interface

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This code and documentation are released under the terms of the GNU license. They are additionally copyright (c) 2000, Vivtek. All rights reserved except those explicitly granted under the terms of the GNU license.