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Some strips have fan groups. Toonbots has a jihad. Learn to live with it -- or face defenestration.
The PAFTWJ was named by its originator, Tirdun -- but gopher promptly stole the post of High Priest when it was discovered that Tirdun had never actually posted to the Toonbots forum. And gopher has jealously guarded the title ever since. The second titleholder was Napoleon, who was granted the title High Chancellor of Defenestration in a quiet civil ceremony which was closed to the public. And from there the whole jihad thing kind of snowballed.

Here is where I'll list the titleholders of the PAFTWJ when I get a little time. You can look at the forum for a current list, actually, so maybe that would be redundant. Eh. I'll get around to it eventually.

No, really. Brother Emsworth did some Toonbots fan art (and gopher has threatened to do the same.) Emsworth's is a good old Notepad oeuvre, and is simultaneously a BoxJam spinoff, which makes it near and dear to my heart. It comes in two versions. Which do you like better? I can't decide either...

Oooh! (Jan 28, 2001) Napoleon sent fan art, too!

Oh, the PAFTWJ is on a roll. Feb 2, 2001: Tirdun just posted a fan episode! I'm loving it!

So back in December, Chris did this little skit of the Jihad stalking BoxJam:
(Scene: BoxJam's front lawn.)
Policeman: Hey, you! Yeah, you guys in the blue robes! You can't camp there! That's private property!
Gopher: The Jihad is on a religious pilgrimage, officer. We are merely waiting for the Forty-Second Coming of the BoxJam.
Policeman: Fine, take it to Mecca then. Get going or I'll arrest the lot of you!
Gopher: Silence, unbeliever, or you shall be ruthlessly smited!
nd: Smitten.
Tirdun: Smote.
Joe: Punched in the face.
Lee: Electrocuted and decapitated.
Gopher: SHUT UP! Whatever it is, we're doing it to you! Brother Emsworth, fetch the wolverines!
Emsworth: Erm... the wolverines sort of escaped, Your Eminence...
Gopher: 'Sort of'?
Emsworth: Yes, they got away from Brother Pooga but we know they're somewhere in the first floor of the house --
(Snarling and a bloodcurdling shriek from one of the tents)
Emsworth: Or not.
(Some glass breaks. BoxJam is hurled out a second-story window.)
Napoleon: (from the window) For the honor of the Jihad! FLY!
(BoxJam completely fails to do so and instead lands on Chris.)
Napoleon: Um.. I didn't do it.
Thus began some of the odder traditions of the Jihad, like the fact that they bring their own wolverines... You know. Just in case.

So then Napoleon and I both went to the Keenvention and they put our booths together. On the fourth floor. And the whole defenestration thing just really got out of control at that point.

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