Vivtek's Stand on Internet Privacy

We at Vivtek hate spam. We aren't salesmen and we don't like them. We don't like people to call us and we never call anybody else.

When you buy something from us, we ask for your contact information. Even if the product is one of our freebies, we still ask for your contact information. This is so that we can know who has our stuff. There are two reasons for this. First, if there are bugs or enhancements, we want to be able to tell you. Second, if you violate our license, we want to know who you are. We will never, ever, sell or give away your contact information, cross our hearts and hope to die, because the only people who would want it would be, well, telemarketers or something and we'd rather sell our souls and movie rights to Satan, you know? This is deadly serious.

Additionally, your identity as a customer and as a human being is validated by your registration with us. If you don't register, you're just an IP. We understand that you might like it better that way, and that's fine with us, but we still won't give you any code on that basis.

This brings us to cookies. There are a few people out there who regard cookies as an invasion of privacy. (You know who you are.) We use cookies at our site for session tracking and for analysis of which pages are most effective. We will never, ever, sell or give away information on our cookie statistics, so you're safe with us. Moreover, some parts of the site may not work in a stable manner without cookies, so you're better off accepting our cookies.

Anyway, the tone of this statement is a little negative, and I'll probably revise it to be a little more upbeat at some point, but I'm feeling a little defensive about privacy this week. My point is that here at Vivtek you have control over your data. It goes nowhere unless you tell us to send it somewhere. Enough said.

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