wftk tutorial - Perl workflow made easy

This is a work in progress, a tutorial introduction to workflow and related techniques based on my CPAN package Workflow::wftk.

It has the unique feature that each section of code illustrated here in the tutorial is duplicated in the unit tests for the modules themselves, so that everything here is guaranteed to work as advertised. (Note: this does not constitute a legal guarantee. It's open-source code; you're on your own as far as legal responsibility is concerned.)

At some point, there will be more in-depth projects presented as well. I'm not sure what form that will take, so I'm just dangling it in front of you for the time being. Drop me a line if you have suggestions.

As this is, in fact, a work in progress, many of the titles you see here do not yet correspond to working code. Those titles all start with an unmatched parenthesis. So any section with such a marked title is subject to change. Just so you're warned.

As of March 2009, work is still proceeding in Chapter 02 Data. Without a good grounding in the basics of data representation and the system landscape, none of the rest of it makes any sense. I honestly am starting to get the feeling that the data modules will constitute well over half the working code of the complete project.

01 "Brief" introduction to the workflow toolkit

This is the place to start if you're new to the topic. The wftk contains a great deal of functionality and it's easy to get lost; the introduction will help you get unlost by presenting the functionality in a logical order.

02 Data organization and document management

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03 Actions and events

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04 Actors: users, groups, and permissions

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05 Processes and tasks

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06 Procedure definitions and roles

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07 State-based workflow (state machines)

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08 Task-based workflow (procedural workflow)

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09 Task management

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99 History and status of Workflow::wftk

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