Vivtek Fantasy Name Generator

OK, so, like, I really didn't have time to write this -- so the Muse decreed it should be written. And thus it was.

What we have here is a simple Perl script based on a notion put forth (and once written) by Jo Walton and linked on Making Light. It takes a simple description of a language (a naive lexical description) and rolls dice to give you ten words in that language. Handy-dandy name generator, and you can edit the parameters and get more names until you're blue in the face. Took me, well, I look in dismay at the clock and realize that even though I'm doomed as far as Monday's deadline is concerned, here I sat for about two hours writing this and then wrapping it in a Tcl page for easy calling.

But when the Muse speaks, one listens -- especially if it's the code Muse, because she can be dangerous when thwarted.

Look here to run the beast.

Drop me a line if you like it, hate it, want to change it, etc.

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