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Services Vivtek is primarily a software services company. We generate most of our income through consulting and custom software development, but we also provide electronic commerce services to small businesses. For a list of our other services, please consult our service directory.

Topics To see a list of things we know about, visit our topic list. This is a sort of laundry list approach, so that if you see a keyword you like, you can then get to more specific information about it. Each topic that appears in the list has its own page of whatever information and links we can drum up about it.

Our topics are free of charge and are intended to be an information resource for the online community, so visit them regularly and help us keep them accurate. With time, we hope to expand the scope of the topics list greatly, and the more you visit, the more time we will be able to devote.

We are a CyberCash Merchant Development Partner, meaning that we can help you integrate your site with CyberCash for secure online commerce transaction processing. Interested? Check out our CyberCash topic page for more information.

Free stuff!
We have a few products that you can buy, although the list is shorter than we'd like right now, and we have some free stuff you can download which are either too trivial to be considered products (although we have some nice AOLserver tricks, for instance) or just too vague to expect people to pay for them.

In all cases, we'd be interested in hearing your opinions, either for improvements or new products.

Vaporware! We have a few products that you can't buy, because we can think up good ideas a lot more quickly than we can implement them. Anyway, you might have fun looking at some of them.

And did we mention that we really like books? We're partnering with Barnes and Noble's online bookstore to bring you a selection of technical books that we think are better than most. Our topics pages also list whatever relevant books we can find, so that you can get the most information on a given topic that we can get you.

T H O U G H T   F O R   T H E   D A Y
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