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About Vivtek, and Contacting Vivtek

Vivtek is a sole proprietorship in Bloomington, Indiana Budapest, Hungary Ponce, Puerto Rico Richmond, Indiana. I am the proprietor, and my name is Michael Roberts. I've been a sole proprietor since 1996, and I wouldn't go back now if you paid me. Well. If you want to pay me a lot, I'd consider it strongly. But it would have to be a lot of pay.

I used to do programming work-for-hire, but I now earn most of my money with technical translation (from German, French, Spanish, Italian, or Hungarian into English.) I enjoy programming immensely -- I just can't run a programming business very well, whereas freelance technical translation kind of runs itself.

No matter what email address you send things to @vivtek.com, it will get to me. My canonical email is michael@vivtek.com.

My address is:
302 N. 11th
Richmond IN 47374

You may notice that this address appears at the bottom of each page on this site. Use this address when sending me physical items such as cash or Anthrax virus. [Note: yes, for the last several years we know that anthrax isn't a virus, but this is legacy text, so thus it stays.]

And now I have a fax number! Rather than babysit a fax machine, I signed up for efax.com and now have a free fax number: (801) 705-2845. At Vivtek, we aim to please!

(1/19/00) Just to celebrate the new millennium (yes, I count from zero) I updated my résumé! Go take a look! It's getting rather cluttered...

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