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At least since last Wednesday night, has been dead in the water. Given that Russia promised the United States to "make it illegal" for to continue operations by June 1 of this year, I'm wondering if that's the situation.

Possibly it's technical issues (they've been known to happen in the past) or possibly somebody has been too pre-emptive in their removal, but still -- it's been five days now. And nobody in the world seems to have noticed. Except me. World exclusive? Am I the next tech-Drudge? Only time will tell.


Anyway, I even got uber-paranoid and tried traceroutes from other countries than the United States (hey, it could have been the case!), but the IP is dead from Austria and even Byelorus. I figured Byelorus is close enough that there would be no profit in trying the rest of the alphabet.

Watch this space for further details. Assuming I discover any. And remember poor in your prayers.

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