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Just so I don't forget how this blog thang works, I want to assure each and every one of you bots who reads this blog that I've been doing lots of cool programming-type stuff... Well, OK, actually, the family and I went sledding every day for a week and a half while the weather was right, and I've been scrambling to finish up a hueueueuge job that I was neglecting during that time. So ... no excuse at all.

On the translation front, I've discovered that hotstrings (e.g. Word's AutoCorrect feature) can really speed up my typing in cases where I'm doing repetitive texts. Even the time savings of typing "s" instead of "SAP" can really add up over time. But Word's AutoCorrect has a problem -- it saves different lists for each style, and in some instances it triggers without waiting for me to finish the word; if one of my hotstrings is a prefix of another word, that can truly suck. Some Googling got me to AutoHotKey -- and AutoHotKey truly and totally rocks. A lot of what I wanted to do with PyPop is already done and ready for me to use, actually. So I'm going to start bundling AHK with PyPop for Windows systems. It's that good.

Another nice discovery this week has been SQLite -- which is not just open-source, it's actually public domain. It implements pretty much all of the SQL92 standard (except the permission model) for a lightweight local database for single-user use. Websites have been built on it with impressive performance. And the key is -- you can bundle it into anything. Anything. So it's definitely going into the wftk. Man. I'd been kind of moving towards building my own SQL parser and so on -- what's the point? It's already been done! And beautifully!

So there's life in me yet, never fear.

On that note, it's back to work for me.

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