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2008-08-03 propaganda

Arghhh! Have you seen these ads saying "How do people like Vista when they don't know it's Vista?" Turns out they exposed a bunch of people to Vista and they (gasp) liked the user interface! Wow! So I should go out and buy Vista!

Uh .. no. Vista has a great interface -- but that's not why people are failing to buy it in droves. They're failing to buy it because it's new (and therefore buggy), it's broken by design (because it decrees that you don't own your PC -- license holders do, and if you're lucky, they'll let you use it), and because it represents money that I simply don't need to spend.

XP works for me. I was slow to adopt even XP -- when my last Windows 95 PC couldn't keep up any more, I switched. And frankly, the only reason I'm still running Windows is I'm a dinosaur who uses dinosaur software like Word and TRADOS (unfortunately, both absolute and utter kings of the translation industry -- the source of my money).

Anyway, if I can't vent on my blog, where can I?

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