Analog web log analyzer
Published 2001-04-01

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Analog is an excellent basic log analysis tool written and maintained by Stephen Turner. It's free and open source, and there are lots and lots of helper applications, knowledgeable people, and so forth. A classic open source success story -- and it's the most used access log analysis tool in the world. Why aren't you using it?

The current version of Analog as of this writing is 4.16. For an example output, you can see my current stats in the format I like them best. Analog can do 32 different reports, and each is quite customizable. There are plenty of things you can't do in Analog, but boy, the things it does, it does well. And quickly.

Even if you have log-like files which aren't standard, you can quite easily describe their format for Analog, and it will analyze them handily. This is convenient for analysis of traffic for any arbitrary Internet daemon.

Since I've been working with Analog for about two years now in the context of quite a few sites, I feel pretty good about offering commercial Analog support. [Or did, in 2001.]


  • Analog home page up to 2013
    Turner stopped updating Analog in 2004 and the site stayed up until 2013.

  • Analog home page today
    Since 2007, a fork of Analog has been homed here.

  • Solaris precompiled executables (of historical interest only)
    Getting Analog to compile is pretty easy, but there are a couple of gotchas I went through on Solaris a million years ago. OK, about twenty. Here's a nicely packaged version of my own 4.16 executable -- I compiled with gcc on Solaris 2.5.1, but the executable works fine on at least Solaris 2.6.

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