Vivtek is back! Again!

It's been dog's years since I last wrote anything on the Vivtek site. The reason is really kinda stupid - back in 2012, yet another in a series of resource shortages on my leased server that resulted in my site being unreachable led me to the horrible discovery that something in the site was running a script that gobbled up all the available memory on the box, not only causing my email to cease being delivered (both incoming and outgoing) but locking things up to the point that I couldn't even log into the server to fix it.

In desperation, I converted the site to static HTML (kind of) and moved it onto Github's free static-site hosting service. Which really and truly rocks, because it's rock-solid and blazingly fast.

Buuut I had been relying on scripting on the old server to do the publication of my site material, and frankly I just didn't have the time or energy to figure out how to do it anywhere else.

I did kind of do it after Aaron Swartz died, because I had something worth saying about that. But it didn't work well.

Fast forward to today! In March, I completed the equivalent of roughly two months' work, and this week I decided I deserved a week of sabbatical. Since I really miss writing and publishing the occasional tech article, first thing on the list was to get the Vivtek publication system up and running the way I wanted to do it, and this I have largely done. At least well enough that I can have a list of recent changes autogenerated.

So here I am! Vivtek is back! Hopefully I can build up enough momentum to keep writing; I have a few juicy topics I want to address with the remainder of the week. I'm looking forward to it.

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