xmlp, alpha version Perl script

This is the first run at the xmlp (XML Literate Programmer). It is a simple Perl script, doesn't do much fancy yet -- but it works. My eventual plans for it are extensive, and I don't expect any of the code now in existence to survive long.

I'd be overjoyed if someone else found this system to be useful. If you do, please tell me about it and of course feel free to update me with any changes you might have made to the code.

Table of contents:

The completed code (a Perl script) is available here as a plain text file suitable for download. To install it, just replace the first line (which is the path to my Perl interpreter) with the path to your own Perl interpreter. I haven't written any user documentation except a list of the elements I use. The overall setup of a presentation isn't described anywhere yet.

You can, of course, study the XML-ish code I used to generate this code and documentation. This is pretty thin user documentation but soon I hope to augment it.

This code and documentation are released under the terms of the GNU license. They are additionally copyright (c) 2000, Vivtek. All rights reserved except those explicitly granted under the terms of the GNU license.