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As is perhaps obvious from the application's name, xmlp takes a literate programming presentation which is coded in XML. The XML in question is somewhat questionable, perhaps, as the presentation items allow free embedding of arbitrary markup, but I really don't care, as the whole thing does what I need it to do, which is define pieces of code contiguous with nicely formatted documentation. If somebody else knows more about XML and can tell me how I can specify arbitrary markup in an element, then maybe I'll be able to write a DTD. Otherwise I guess we're just kinda out of luck.

The quick and dirty markup tokenizer (qdmt) will really not care one whit about whether all this is valid XML, so maybe I'm just coding myself into some remote corner of the quasi-XML universe.

Anyway, I've defined a few elements which I'm using here. They are:

They work as follows: Well, that's the lot. As I implement more stuff, if it impacts the element set at all, I'll update this page. I hope.

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