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One final "process": to-do list maintenance. This is kind of a cheat because as a process it's simple:
  1. Somebody posts a task
  2. Somebody does it.
The point is that to-do lists are part of the process use UI, so we get to-do list maintenance for free with this simple process. If I parameterize the process, I can even put a task initiation form on my homepage and call it a customer-service application. As queries come in, I can prioritize them in my personal role queue, and choose tasks to complete as necessary.

If I slowly realize that some categories of task require more detailed processing, then I can define more processes to be initiated from the task completion form. I can do that by placing buttons on the form: this one is a DNS problem, start the DNS problem solution process. This one has to be routed to personnel.

So we can very easily define things like customer-service departments on this system. And in fact, that is the point of this system: it should be a turnkey application for the organization of complex endeavors. Anthony says it isn't necessary to be able to use this to plan a NASA mission -- but the truth is, though the details are more complex, the basic operation of the system is the same for my personal to-do list and the Mars Pathfinder.

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