Permissions schema

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The permissions facility is used to grant users access to projects that they don't own. A project may be associated with any number of keywords, and a user may have permissions to any number of keywords. The permission mechanism permits fairly fine-grained control over who can do what, as this part of the application is really aimed at granting my own customers varying degrees of access to my own to-do list. So I want some of them to be able to modify the priorities of their own category of tasks, for instance, but I don't want them to be able to rename tasks.

The tables we need for this are pretty easy: just a keyword table which associates a keyword with a project, and a permission table which grants a user various privileges to a given keyword. If no permission is given to a user for a given keyword, projects using that keyword will be completely invisible to the user. (Unless the project has more than one keyword and the user has viewing privilege to another applicable keyword.)

Keyword table
The keyword table is very simple:
process text,
keyword text

Permission table
The permission table is a little trickier. When working in Tcl I usually use a string for flags of this nature, then do a [string match *b* $string] or something to look for the 'b' flag. As the only question which really impacts queries is whether or not any permission exists, I see no need to use Booleans.
userid text,
keyword text,
flags text
The flags I will define are:

There is no flag for viewing privileges, because mere existence of the keyword grants that (the query is easier that way.)

Task requests can be made by any user who has viewing privileges on a project. The requestee must be (at least) level 2 and likewise have viewing privileges on the project. The task requested is not active until the new owner accepts it; a request may also be foisted off on someone else. Logically a request could be made of a role or queue as well, but I haven't implemented roles and queues yet, so that will have to wait.

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