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The active process repository, as noted, is a database in which information about currently active processes (and probably completed ones, too, actually) is stored. The objects tracked will be:
  • Process record
    Each process has one master record. The contents of this record will be (at least):
    • Name of initiator (for reporting and tracking)
    • Current values (as XML BLOB or as link to another repository or as bound value records in the DBMS.)
    • Date started and so forth.
    • Parent process and task if this process is a subprocess.
  • Task
    As each task in the process is encountered during control flow, a record is created here. Technically speaking, an active task is called a work unit but I think task is more descriptive. Task will have:
    • Identifier for active process.
    • The name of the user assigned to the task, and the role that user is fulfilling (in case of reassignment).
    • Project status information, such as expected date/time of completion, start date.
    • Possibly constraint information such as earliest or latest possible date.
    • Links to deliverables in the deliverable repository.
    • Links to any messages exchanged during the task (especially if the task is actually a negotiation task, which consists of a two- or multi-way exchange.)
Well, I was going to insert a schema here, but I don't see a lot of point in drawing a schema consisting of two boxes. If things get more complicated later, I'll draw a picture.

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