PyWFTK: wftk workflow manipulation in Python

OK, this is the homepage for the subproject PyWFTK, which is a set of Python wrappers for the wftk workflow toolkit. To date (August 2001) I've managed to write a wrapper for the XMLAPI XML manipulation library. There was a sneaky little bug in there for a while, but I finally flushed it out with the help of the kind folks at python-help. They're cool people.

So anyway, there (will be) two parts to this wrapper. The first is the aforementioned XMLAPI wrapper, and the second is the wrapper for the wftk library itself. You may ask (as others have) why I don't simply use the native Python XML functionality -- the answer is simple: the XMLAPI is effectively a dual-ported library. That is to say, the structures are equally accessible from Python code or from C code. The entire wftk library is built on the C XMLAPI, so there would be little point in changing it to be more Python-based.

That said, I would like to use Python's internal expat binding as opposed to linking in my own, for instance, and I'd like to use Python's memory management routines, too. You'll see the beginnings of support for that in the code, but I've got a lot to do still before it will all work. But -- bit by bit, the wftk is getting close to Python-readiness!

There are, as I said, two parts to this wrapper. The first is working, the second is vapor. Thanks and keep checking back. Bug me if you have an urgent need for this stuff.

This code and documentation are released under the terms of the GNU license. They are additionally copyright (c) 2000, Vivtek. All rights reserved except those explicitly granted under the terms of the GNU license.