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(02/01/2007) So much for promises.
One year, six years, whatever. I have a download, a Windows installer for the PyPop GUI tool. It ain't much, but it's wftk-based. PyPop v0.1

(07/25/01) Not dead yet.
It really won't be a year until the next release, I promise.

The current version is now 1.0 (of wftk core) and the current download is 1.0pre2. I've been asked why the pre2, and I guess it's mostly just because I don't think I've tested v1.0 sufficiently to call it really a real version. So pre2 is my way of hedging my bet. Guess I'm just wishy-washy.

  • Unix source gzipped tarball, with lots of extra stuff in it, so consider yourself warned:
    wftk-1.0pre2.tgz (938,165 bytes)
I'll get the Windows version up as soon as I manage to suffer through the upload. In the meantime, it's on SourceForge.

(07/29/01) A productive month!
I think maybe I have this "work" thing down. Ha.

The current version was 0.9.5 beta.

Onwards, at breakneck speed!

(07/06/01) CVS may be more up-to-date
Well, duh. But just so you know, CVS source download is available from the SourceForge project page.

Old versions of the download packages are on the obsolete download page. They're just there for historical interest; if you find you can't make them work, don't ask me to help you.

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