Using the wftk

Purpose of this document

This User's Guide documents how to set up a wftk system and do workflow, data management, and document management with it. It links out to various examples already working, and as all things wftk, it is a moving target and sorely in need of more work. Please feel free to encourage me.

Basic approach to configuring a wftk system and using it

In the wftk, all access to the system is in the context of a repository. The repository is simply a definition of the various data resources that an application will be using. No matter how you talk to the wftk (via the command line, through a SOAP server, using the Python libraries, or so on), the first thing you do is to define the repository so that the system knows what's where.

Once the repository is defined, you can store things in it, retrieve things from it, and define actions against it. These topics are loosely organized into the categories of data access, document management, and workflow, and each of those has its own subguide. Each of those subguides is intended to be useful as an independent approach to the wftk.

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