Programmer's Guide to the wftk: sending notifications

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Notifications, or alerts, are simply messages sent to users. As with anything in the wftk, there is an adaptor system for alerts. A user may specify a preferred notification modality, and that modality (which simply indexes a list of adaptors) will be used to send messages. The default modality is of course email. Other modalities could be database entries, pagers, or whatever suits your fancy. This section of the functionality is far less mature than most of the wftk; that's why I'm being so vague.


int wftk_notify (void * session, XML * context, XML * alert);


wftk_notify returns int
void * session,
XML * context,
XML * alert
Sends a notification. The notification is passed in the alert parameter and is rather complicated; the context parameter may be either a user XML structure (in which case the alert is directed to that user) or a datasheet (in which case the notification object should contain information about the intended recipient.)

I'll document this more completely later; to be honest, I don't expect it to be all that useful for external use anyway.

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