Applying the wftk:

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Spam filtration

The spam filter is a free service I've been running since 1999. It scans headers for simple signs of mail abuse, then forwards any apparent non-spam to the user's chosen address. Lately I've been getting serious about using the vast amount of data about spam which passes through this system to improve both my understanding of spam trends and the responsiveness of the system to new abuse. In addition, the website itself includes two interesting areas in terms of wftk use: first, I maintain a simple weblog of what's going on in my spam-fighting life; second, users of have various ways of accessing the site, such as the Webmail feature.

In general, then, the system, which runs on two machines, uses or will use the wftk to do the following things:

Many of these systems are works in progress as of 9 May 2003. In particular, however, see the white paper I've started on wftk support of complex data processing systems.

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