wftk: Working with Zope

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The Zope integration, like most front-end integrations, consists essentially of three parts. First, there is the basic exposure of wftk functionality to the Zope environment. This part's easy, because it's just the Python wrapper. Second, there is the Zope machinery which integrates that functionality prettily with Zope; this is not much more than a moderately complex Zope product, and it has yet to be implemented. The third part exposes Zope functionality to the wftk, and is likewise unimplemented -- in fact, I'm not entirely sure what will be required, when it comes down to it. I know several things will be necessary, however. First, we'll want the ability to define repository manager lists on the ZODB. This will allow any object in Zope to be accessed by wftk, and thus controlled by wftk. This will be a list adaptor. Second, there must be ways to call Zope functions from within workflow procdefs, and this will be a combination of an action adaptor and a query adaptor. As these details firm up, this will be the place to find out more.

Currently, I have a possible sponsor for the Zope integration work. That means that Zope integration is taking a much higher priority than it has to date.

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