Local adaptor organization

In starting the mail handlers, which are effectively the first wftk client programs I've ever written independent of the command-line utilities for the two main modules, I came to realize that the way I was dealing with disseminating information about static-linked adaptors frankly sucks. So my new plan is to create a library system which includes the core code in one library (-lwftk, -lrepmgr), and puts the local system's static adaptors into a second library which would be compiled to contain the adaptors staticly linked on that system. This second library would be, say, -lwftk_a and would then contain the function wftk_lookup_static_adaptors; this function would be compiled uniquely for each installation and would return the usual information about local static adaptors.

At first glance, this scheme seems unlikely to work for Windows -- except that under Windows, most adaptors are going to be dynamically linked, not static; they'll be DLLs. A single standard set of adaptors will be organized into wftk_a.dll (possibly split into plain and _rt varieties, to denote the runtime they work with.) It's really only under Unix that static linking is so important, and that's mostly because I still haven't figured out dynamic linking under Unix.

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