Toonbots archive - episode published 20030101

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The metacartoonist has either had too much of that hobbit weed, or he's playing with you.

The script used to make this toon:
<cartoon height="600" width="600" rowformat="1-2-2">
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top middle" size="18">AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="middle">It's 2003!<br>And here at Toonbots, we are committed to bringing you<br>
an episode a day, every day, for the entire year.<br>Whether you want one or not.</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="bottom middle" size="10">Offer void where prohibited, contents may settle during packing,<br>batteries not included, your mileage may vary, no refunds or returns.</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top left">Behind door #1</caption>
  <character name="mao">
  <caption fgcolor="red" location="bottom middle">Call me Ish Mao.</caption>
  <character name="mao" action="leaves">
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top left">Behind door #2</caption>
  <character name="dubya">
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="bottom middle">America needs more Toonbots!  To this end, I propose we bomb Iraq.</caption>
  <character name="dubya" action="leaves">
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top left">Behind door #3</caption>
  <character name="lenin">
  <caption fgcolor="red" location="bottom middle">The name's Lenin.  Vlad Lenin.</caption>
  <character name="lenin" action="leaves">
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top left">Behind door #4</caption>
  <character name="dot">
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="bottom middle">You surely aren't going to forget to break the fourth wall, are you?</caption>

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