Toonbots archive - episode published 20020307

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The metacartoonist tempts fate by wondering (1) whether this means that his Muse has returned from its exclusive tour of Europe and Scandinavia and also (2) how long it will take the Jihad to notice that anything has changed.

The script used to make this toon:
<cartoon height="600" width="800" rowformat="1">

  <character name="dot"/>
  <caption location="top center" fgcolor="blue">What's green and sings?</caption>
  <caption location="bottom center" fgcolor="blue">Elvis Pickle!</caption>

  <character name="al"/>
  <caption location="top right" fgcolor="blue">Dot, just what the HECKFIRE was that stupid joke?</caption>
  <caption location="bottom left" fgcolor="blue">Oh, Al, it was horrible.  The idea was that I was promoting the dot-corn industry, and then I got STUCK and, and ...</caption>

  <caption location="top center" fgcolor="blue">*snif*</caption>
  <caption location="bottom right" fgcolor="blue">Dot, it's OK.  Nobody likes a hiatus.</caption>

  <character name="tirdun"/>
  <caption location="top left" fgcolor="blue">More than a MONTH!</caption>
  <caption location="top right" fgcolor="blue">At least you GOT screen time.</caption>
  <caption location="bottom middle" fgcolor="blue">Yeah.</caption>
  <caption location="bottom right" fgcolor="blue">NEXT: MORE SCREEN TIME!</caption>


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