Toonbots archive - episode published 20020110

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with ears battened down, teeth clenched and eyes tightly squinched shut, mouse sneaks under the radar and staggers valiantly on in search of a plot.

The script used to make this toon:
<cartoon height="600" width="700" rowformat="1">
 <character name="lenin" aspect="faceright"/>
 <character name="mao"/>
 <character name="al" aspect="2 faceright"/>
 <caption location="top left" fgcolor="red">I'm too depressed to use the Pickle Crisp theme, Mao.</caption>
 <caption location="bottom center" fgcolor="red">OK, how hard can a new theme be?  All we have to do is parody 'Alice's Restaurant' </caption>
 <caption location="top right" fgcolor="blue" size="10">Maybe there's something in the script. </caption>

 <caption location="top left" fgcolor="red">Dum dum dum, You can get any zing you want, <br/> with D&amp;Z's Smoking Insects and Cybernetic Collective </caption>
 <caption location="bottom center" fgcolor="red">...or not... </caption>
 <caption location="bottom right" fgcolor="blue" size="10">I should be studying my lines anyway.. </caption>

 <caption location="top left" fgcolor="red">We could tell jokes. A nun, a leprechaun, and a wolverine <br/>walk into a bar.... </caption>
 <caption location="bottom center" fgcolor="red">Look, we need to get back to something resembling a direction here. </caption>
 <caption location="top right" fgcolor="blue" size="10">Is this my script?</caption>
 <character name="mao" action="leaves"/>
 <character name="al" action="leaves"/>
 <character name="lenin" action="leaves"/>

 <character name="me" aspect="pensive"/>
 <character name="lenin" aspect="faceleft"/>
 <caption location="top center" fgcolor="orange">Hello? </caption>
 <caption location="bottom center" fgcolor="red">*gasp*<br/>OFFICER OBIE! </caption>
 <caption location="bottom right" fgcolor="blue">next: more mouse!</caption>

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