Toonbots archive - episode published 20011024

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The metacartoonist reaches into the rich cultural meme supply of the Vietnam War Era in his search for material for the ever-insatiable literary maw of the juggernaut we call Toonbots, continually thankful for randomizing playlists in WinAmp.

The script used to make this toon:
<cartoon height="900" width="800" rowformat="1">
  <character name="mao"/>
  <caption location="top middle" fgcolor="red">This storyline is called 'Lenin's Cereal' -- it's about Lenin (and his cereal)</caption>
  <caption location="bottom middle" fgcolor="red">But Lenin's Cereal is not the name of the cereal, it's just the name of the storyline.</caption>
  <character name="lenin"/>
  <caption location="top right" fgcolor="red">Yeah!  That's why we call the storyline 'Lenin's Cereal'!</caption>
  <caption location="bottom left" fgcolor="red">Exactly!  Now it's time for the theme song.</caption>
  <character name="will"/>
  <caption location="top middle" size="16">You can eat anything you want with Pickle Crisp Cereal<br/>
You can eat anything you want ... with Pickle Crisp Cereal<br/>
Dig right in, it's good for you / At least if you know what's good for you!<br/>
You can eat anything you want ... with Pickle Crisp Cereal!
   <caption location="top left" fgcolor="red">OK, that's a wrap for today.  That should give him enough food for thought.</caption>
   <caption location="top right" fgcolor="blue" size="24" font="itcedscr">Forsooth!</caption>
   <caption location="bottom right" fgcolor="blue">NEXT: MORE LENIN'S CEREAL MASSACREE!</caption>

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