Toonbots archive - episode published 20010924

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The metacartoonist deftly purloins yet more of Damonk's intellectual property in an effort to show the inanity of the very concept; as Toonbots is collage, it obviously falls under fair use anyway. The unstated cultural assertion is that art can never be separated from statecraft, since both are merely aspects of the entire sociopolitical/economic/conversational meme complex.

The script used to make this toon:
<cartoon height="1200" width="800" rowformat="1">
<character name="portal"/>
<character name="mao"/>
<character name="lenin" aspect="faceright"/>
<character name="will"/>
<caption location="bottom middle" fgcolor="red">So why are we stopping here again?</caption>
<caption location="top left" fgcolor="green" size="30">SHOOP!</caption>
<caption location="top middle" fgcolor="green">Thwop!  Poont!!  Fwonch!!</caption>
<caption location="top left" fgcolor="red">Seeing Damonk reminded me of an old ... acquaintance.<br/>
He ought to be around here somewhere.</caption>
<character name="dick" aspect="2 faceleft"/>
<caption location="top left" fgcolor="red">Aha, speak of the Devil.<br/>How's it hanging, bub?</caption>
<caption location="top right" fgcolor="blue">Whatever are you speaking of, young Oriental man?</caption>
<caption location="top left" fgcolor="red">Jeez, Dick, it's me, Mao.  Where's that twenty bucks you owe me, man?</caption>
<caption location="bottom right" fgcolor="blue">This 'Dick' person sounds tricky.</caption>
<caption location="top left" fgcolor="red">What do you take me for, an idiot?  Only Mao Tse-Tung could come to Framed!!!, after all.</caption>
<character name="dick" aspect="3 faceleft"/>
<caption location="bottom right" fgcolor="blue">Good luck in your quest, young floating head people.</caption>
<caption location="top middle" fgcolor="red">OK, Dick.  Have it your way, you wacko.  I knew I'd never get that twenty bucks back.<br/>
Come on, guys, let's get home.  At least nobody there is quite this lame.</caption>
<caption location="bottom middle" fgcolor="blue" font="itcedscr" size="24">Save for Dubya, mayhap.</caption>
<character name="mao" action="leaves"/>
<character name="lenin" action="leaves"/>
<character name="will" action="leaves"/>
<caption location="bottom left" fgcolor="green">Fwonch!! Poont!! Thwop!! ... Blorp!</caption>
<caption location="top leftt" fgcolor="red">At least Dubya doesn't make<br/>my shoes wet when he sweats.</caption>
<caption location="top middle" fgcolor="blue" font="itcedscr" size="24">Granted.</caption>
<character name="portal" action="leaves"/>
<character name="dick" aspect="1 faceleft"/>
<caption location="top middle" fgcolor="blue">Dick sure is a hard man to find!  Hatcha!</caption>
<caption location="bottom right" fgcolor="blue">NEXT: BACK TO ABNORMAL!</caption>

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