Toonbots archive - episode published 20010920

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The metacartoonist shows his fatigue and utter gratitude for the chance to do a single-panel gag strip with no exposition.

The order is going Framed!!!, then Toonbots (above), then Boarders and Sister.

The script used to make this toon:
<cartoon height="600" width="600" rowformat="1">
  <character name="derek" aspect="faceright"/>
  <character name="jobeth"/>
  <caption location="top middle" fgcolor="blue" size="24">WAIOW!  I love white light!</caption>
  <caption location="bottom left" fgcolor="green">Do you feel sorta ... light-headed?</caption>
  <caption location="bottom right" fgcolor="blue">Like, more'n usual?</caption>

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