Toonbots archive - episode published 20001228

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Inspired rhythm and scansion combine with a plethora of storylines to provide a heady blend of top-notch cartooning. Smoke and mirrors to conceal the fundamental lack of development of new Toon-o-Matic features? The answers in the next episode, same Bot time, same Bot channel!

The script used to make this toon:
<cartoon height="600" width="400" rowformat="2">
  <character name="dot"/>
  <caption location="top left" fgcolor="blue">So Dot's in a tiff,</caption>
  <caption location="bottom middle" fgcolor="blue" size="18">Oy.  Verse again.</caption>
  <character name="dot" action="leaves"/>
  <character name="mao" rel-h="50"/>
  <caption location="top left" fgcolor="blue">Mao's in a funk,</caption>
  <caption location="bottom middle" fgcolor="red" size="18">All I said was, "Hey, Fred."</caption>
  <character name="mao" action="leaves"/>
  <character name="al" rel-h="50" aspect="2"/>
  <caption location="top left" fgcolor="blue">Al has lost Florida</caption>
  <caption location="bottom middle" fgcolor="blue" size="18">It's around here someplace.</caption>
  <character name="al" action="leaves"/>
  <character name="dubya" rel-h="50"/>
  <caption location="top left" fgcolor="blue">but Dubya's a punk.</caption>
  <caption location="bottom middle" fgcolor="red" size="18">What?  Not since 1972!</caption>
  <character name="dubya" action="leaves"/>
  <character name="lenin" rel-h="50"/>
  <caption location="top left" fgcolor="blue">Lenin's a dead Red</caption>
  <caption location="bottom middle" fgcolor="blue" size="18">Om mani padme mmmmmm</caption>
  <character name="lenin" action="leaves"/>
  <character name="marx" rel-h="50"/>
  <caption location="top left" fgcolor="blue">and so is Karl Marx.</caption>
  <caption location="bottom middle" fgcolor="red" size="18">A ... political struggle?</caption>
  <character name="marx" action="leaves"/>
  <character name="bot"/>
  <caption location="top left" fgcolor="blue">And as for the Toonbot?</caption>
  <caption location="bottom middle" fgcolor="red" size="18">Recipes and serving suggestions.</caption>
  <character name="bot" action="leaves"/>
<panel color="black">
  <caption location="top left" fgcolor="blue">Still in the dark.</caption>
  <caption location="bottom middle" fgcolor="red" size="18">... Doughnuts?</caption>

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