Toonbots archive - episode published 20001122

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Another Toonbots holiday extravanganza, strongly evocative, vibrant, energetic, and full of perfect scansion at the cost of things like coherence and other fripperies of the post-modernist world.

The script used to make this toon:
<cartoon color="rgb(78,120,255)" height="230" width="700" rowformat="2">
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top left">Their turkeys they hung by the chimney with care,</caption>
  <character name="dot" rel-h="1" rel-w="100"/>
  <caption fgcolor="red" location="bottom left" size="18">What?</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top left">in hopes that the Toonbot soon would be there.</caption>
  <character name="bot" rel-h="50" rel-w="100"/>
  <caption fgcolor="red" location="bottom left" size="18">You put him up to this, didn't you?</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="bottom right" size="18">I like crackers!</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top left">And then down the chimney, cackling like fishes,</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="red" locaiton="bottom left" size="18">Fishes?</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top left">came Toonbots galore with Turkey Day wishes.</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="red" location="bottom left" size="18">Well, better that than a slap to the head.</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="bottom right" size="20">Trout!</caption>

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