Toonbots archive - episode published 20001120

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A return to our roots is signalled by the selection of Boxjam Blue for today's strip's background, and the dimunition of Butch's disembodied head simply serves to underscore that basic and pervasive message. All in all, another significant artistic triumph.

The script used to make this toon:
<cartoon color="rgb(151,226,255)" height="250" width="600" rowformat="2">
  <caption fgcolor="blue">A ground of purest Boxjam blue</caption>
  <character name="butch"><draw type="image" file="butch.bmp" scaling="50"/></character>
  <character name="butch" action="leaves"/>
  <caption fgcolor="blue">returns us to our basic plot.</caption>
  <character name="butch2"><draw type="image" file="butch.bmp" scaling="20"/></character>
  <character name="butch2" action="leaves"/>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top left">I like cameos as well as you,</caption>
  <character name="butch3"><draw type="image" file="butch.bmp" scaling="10"/></character>
  <character name="butch3" action="leaves"/>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top left">but you know we can't ignore the Dot.</caption>
  <character name="dot" rel-h="1" rel-w="100"></character>
  <caption fgcolor="red" location="bottom middle" size="18">You ain't just whistlin' Dixie.</caption>

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