Toonbots archive - episode published 20001117

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Minimal plot meets collage in Toonbots' newest comics extravaganza. Of course, only the least cool of people fail to know who Butch is.

The script used to make this toon:
<cartoon height="250" width="500" rowformat="2-1">
  <character name="al" rel-w="60"/>
  <character name="al" action="leaves"/>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top right">Democrat recounts?</caption>
  <character name="dubya" rel-w="40"/>
  <character name="dubya" action="leaves"/>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top right">Republican putsch?</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top middle">Bot, dot, bot, dot, bot, dot, Butch!</caption>
  <character name="toonbot" rel-h="40" rel-w="100"/>
  <character name="dot" rel-h="1" rel-w="100"/>
  <character name="toonbot2" rel-h="40" rel-w="100"/>
  <character name="dot2" rel-h="1" rel-w="100"/>
  <character name="toonbot3" rel-h="40" rel-w="100"/>
  <character name="dot3" rel-h="1" rel-w="100"/>
  <character name="butch"><draw type="image" file="butch.bmp"/></character>

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