Toonbots archive - episode published 20001113

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Today's installment is a veritable cornucopia of insight, rife with tantalizing imagery and replete with intimations that Toonbots is indeed setting its sights on that ineffable goal of minimalist humor: the minimal plot.

The script used to make this toon:
<cartoon height="250" width="500" rowformat="2-2">
  <character name="toonbot" rel-h="40" rel-w="100"/>
  <caption fgcolor="blue">Toonbot.</caption>
  <character name="toonbot" action="leaves"/>
  <character name="dot" rel-h="1" rel-w="100"/>
  <caption fgcolor="blue">Dot.</caption>
  <character name="dot" action="leaves"/>
  <character name="toonbot"/>
  <character name="dot"/>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top left">Toonbot meets the Toonbot Dot.</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="blue" location="top left">Toonbot Dot greets Toonbot Bot.</caption>
  <caption fgcolor="red" location="bottom right">Heya.</caption>

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