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Look -- up in the sky -- no, sorry, he fell to the ground. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a ... a ... man with a head shaped like a spork. That's odd.

John Troutman, the promulgator of Sporkman, is the Godfather of Keenspace. We don't know why, we don't know how. But we do know that the comic strip he draws is hilarious.

Sporkman is a super-hero. We know this because (1) he wears spandex, (2) he has an unusual physical form, and (3) he has an arch-villain enemy, The Spammer, a man wearing spandex with a head shaped like a can of SPAM.

Sporkman the comic strip is a gag-a-day with a series of the most fascinating storylines you'll ever see. Sporkman travels through time more often than I go to the grocery store, he does a quantum-leap thingy with people by means of a radioactive Hawaiian shirt with a remote control, he gets ejected through a portal to a dimension exactly like his own except that everyone has a head like a spork (and simultaneously, ManMan, a man with a head shaped like a ... man's head, is transported to Sporkman's home dimension), and for some reason he goes to Disneyland a lot. And last year, the Spammer conspired with Santa Claus to steal Christmas.

It's pretty darned entertaining. John obviously has an unhealthily active imagination. It's going to be fun to see where he goes with Sporky and his friends.

Check out The Sporkman Chronicles now!

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