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Science fiction, Dark Knightesque, and willing to break the fourth wall. This strip is an all-around good read.

Ghost 2138 isn't quite a Webtoon per se, at least not as I'm coming to characterize the typical Webtoon. It's really a comic book which just happens to be self-published on the Web. Instead of being broken into strips, it's broken into pages, and the pages don't stand on their own. So it's not a comic strip.

And it doesn't have all that Webtoony goodness in the community angle, either. No forum, no fan art, none of that stuff. (Yet, I suppose.) So it's not a Webtoon.

But it's good. It's a good dystopic sci-fi read. So I recommend it if you do that sci-fi thang. The drawing is excellent (not professional quality yet, but you can see that that's going to happen in another couple of years. There is the occasional brilliant page.) The writing is choppy, but that's OK, it's fun.

I'm hooked.

Check out Ghost 2138 now!

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