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Fluble -- a frog. A surreal frog.
Clown: his unrequited love.
Balt: the one who keeps his head
even if push should come to shove.
Burble: a being like a tomato
Schrafka: a cat to follow Burble
Mack The: I'm pretty sure he's a whale!

Which brings .. us .. back .. to .. Fluble!

Nobody's ever heard of Fluble, and nobody's ever heard of Chris Mastrangelo, his genius creator, but this strip is gold if you like the absurd.

The characters vary, but the main ones are: Fluble, a frog; Clown, a human woman who lives next door; Burble, a tomato-like being, except he has hands, has lived since the beginning of time, and has very little contact with reality (well, not that any of them does); Balt, an alien stranded on Earth, who does have contact with reality but realizes that it has little to do with his actual life with Fluble around; Mack the, (no, that's not a typo), a whale, don't ask; Zangoth, the embodiment of evil; a whole lot of evil penguins (they're really evil, too); a devil-bunny; Schrafka, a cat, who is a nihilist; an orbiting cow (and that one has a storyline to explain it); various political figures who usually end up very dead. And various of Fluble's hallucinations, who somehow manage to interact with the other characters perfectly well.

Oh, and God makes the occasional appearance.

Did I mention they all live in Syracuse, New York?

Mastrangelo has archives dating back to 1997, and it started out just as funny as it is now. He generally takes the summers and other unpredictable periods off, but then, like the addict he is, he comes staggering back to draw more insanity. Thank God.

Check out Fluble now!

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