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BoxJam: international man of mystery. Who is "BoxJam"? All we know is that this shadowy figure, also known as "Mr. Blue", draws with a Speedo on cheap paper and has his finger on the pulse of humanity.

Frankly, I love this thing we call the Doodle. It's silly without being inane, it's full of insight into our emotional lives without being pushy about it (and without being weepy or maudlin). It's ... well, read it yourself. You'll know what I mean. Or you won't, see if I care.

What is it that draws me to the Doodle? More than anything it's the incredible running joke that BoxJam is drawing his own life -- that the artist himself is named BoxJam, and that his life is the way it is because he can't draw it differently. Wow. I just can't get over that.

There's the episode where BoxJam explains to his family, for instance, that he can't draw cars too well, so they'll be travelling by boat from now on.

But equally important is that BoxJam actually has kids (or at least he's very convincing about it). He writes about having kids, and a house, and other grown-up things that I have in my life, and he says it all just so very well. And he says it for intelligent people, which sets him apart from the syndicated masses (but that's a general rule for Webtoons.)

And the community on BoxJam's forum is a good one.

All in all, a good read, from the beginning of the archive on, and daily the whole time. A man with a mission, that's our BoxJam.

Check out BoxJam's Doodle now!

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