Toonbots review of Bob the Angry Flower

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Meet Bob. He's a flower. He's angry. He's Bob, the Angry Flower.

What can I say about Bob? Yeah, he's angry, he's a flower, he conducts research in his hidden subterranean base, he really likes robots, he can run faster than the speed of light on his rooty-leafy things, and he's Canadian.

Well, somebody has to be Canadian, so we can't hold that against him, now can we?

Bob does things like win the Nobel prize, organize the evil geniuses of the galaxy (including Bill Gates), renounce civilization to live with his brethren the flowers (but they're too boring), stand up his girlfriend because he forgot to disarm the mine on his floor... You know. Standard everyday stuff. Oh, and he lives with a stump called Stumpy, and a flying fetus called Freddy. Freddy the flying fetus. Yeah.

Oh, heck. Just go read it. It's funny. And for many of the older strips, Notley has thoughtfully included some descriptions of what he was thinking when writing/drawing them. All told, it's a good thing that Bob has no message board, because I waste enough time around here anyway.

Check out Bob the Angry Flower now!

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