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God exists. She's very young. Plus she's fallen (into her world) and can't get out.

Acid Reflux is just one more brilliant webtoon dripping with talent and humor. The outlook is completely fresh, the drawing is pretty good and getting better (amazingly good at times), and it's that hard-to-balance thing, the successful blend of an ongoing story with gag-a-day silliness to keep you coming back daily (instead of every week or two).

But it's Dan's writing (and Emily's wonderful realization of it) that really makes Acid Reflux special. Their characters are some of the realest people you'll find, a delightful mix of stock sword-and-sorcery with the strangest twists. And then there's that squirrel. Wow.

You just have to read the whole archive, just like any story-based Webtoon. It's unbelievably good.

Check out Acid Reflux now!

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