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Absolute Tripe -- it's kind of like Pogo on speed.

No, really, it's not just that Crockit looks exactly like Albert the Alligator. (Well, he does!) I'm just convinced that Charles Engelhard is channelling the spirit of Walt Kelley, that's all. If Kelley had been a post-baby-boomer raised on MTV and video games, Absolute Tripe would be what he was drawing.

Insofar as Absolute Tripe can be said to have a story, it's about a cat, a crocodile, and a fox who room together. The cat is a Web designer, the crocodile is a mall security rent-a-cop, and the fox is usually between jobs. Lately he's been employed as a toy safety consultant (he's very, very good at doing dangerous things with toys...)

This one isn't one of my daily reads; it's too sporadic (pot calling kettle black). But it's always a pleasure to rediscover the archives here. Engelhard's drawing is excellent and his writing skills match, so it's an entertaining read.

Check out Absolute Tripe now!

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