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Michael Mon Feb 12 16:52:43 2001
Iron Monkey

So after seeing _Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon_ I said I wanted to see more of that Hong Kong kung fu stuff. So I rented _Iron Monkey_. Not only was it just as good -- it was better! I mean, it started pretty hokey and the pace was such that if you wanted to avoid thinking, you might as well forget it, but my wife and I watched it, fully glued to the screen (good thing, with the subtitles), straight through. The nice thing about subtitles is you can turn it down to the point where you can hear the music but you wouldn't be able to understand what people were saying -- thus you don't wake the kids. Very nice thing, subtitles. I think from now on we're only going to rent movies with subtitles.

So anyway, this movie kicked major ass. When I first came back from Europe, it was with a sigh of some relief (and a lot of regret, don't get me wrong) because I thought that only America really understood being cool. Now I see I was wrong. The Chinese obviously understand it big time. Better than America does.

So my recommendation: rent this. Tell me what you think.

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