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Michael Wed Oct 25 00:39:54 2006

Getting there. This is kind of fun.

Emsworth Wed Oct 25 09:20:59 2006
Re: Arrows

Me and my Arrow! Wherever we go....

And frankly, the arrow effect is neat. I can't really remember the last time you experimented with drawing new stuff Toon-o-Matic style, as opposed to clip art inclusions and so on (but I think it was probably 2002 at best). It's a beautiful thing to watch.

mouse Wed Oct 25 16:14:27 2006
Re: Arrows

ooooo- i _like_!

Emsworth Wed Oct 25 17:57:44 2006
Re: Arrows

You must if you're using typing keys to make little stoic eyes underscoring your statement, following the trail of bubbles. Which is all very Toonbottian, in fact. Only no source code.

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