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Michael Tue Aug 1 22:57:02 2006
Golf - not just a good walk spoiled

Pace Mark Twain, my seven-year-old has been teaching me golf and y'know, it's a damn fun game. We usually get about two or three times par but we have a great time doing it, and for six more bucks you get to drive a golf cart.

What could go wrong?

Well, if you've ever watched my boy on a driving software game (yes, this is a clumsy rhetorical device, as I know for a fact that none of you has done so) well, you will immediately realize that this boy is not the one you want at the wheel while careening madly down a Bloomington hill, say, on the 4th hole of the Quarry course. Just sayin'. I don't *think* it was due to his driving that the cart stopped working, but, um, they coincided.

Thank God he didn't jam the parking brake on to slow down. He would have flipped the cart for sure; they're not really made to go ninety miles an hour on the straightaway.

But seriously -- golf is easy to play badly (which we do) and still fun if you're playing badly, unlike, say, basketball, where there is a certain minimum skill level to actually start enjoying it -- at least, here in Indiana where everybody but me was born with a basketball in his hands.

Go figure. I'm the only guy on the course with a ponytail and sandals, though. Ha. Even in Bloomington there are standards, apparently.

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