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michael Sun May 28 16:52:21 2006
Over the Hedge - 10.0

I laughed straight through this movie, to the point where I coughed all night. It was great. The critics seem underwhelmed, but I beg to differ. I don't *care* about the cheesy plot and the silly little preachy moral -- the visual humor in this show was fan-damn-tastic. Worth seeing, with or without kids. (But take a kid, it makes it even better.)

All-around good show.

Michael Wed May 31 19:19:00 2006
Re: Over the Hedge - 10.0

Having seen the end a couple of times now (both in the theater and after some work with BitTorrent) it is my conclusion that the location of the suburb in question is, in fact, Bloomington, Indiana (or actually, more probably, just south of Indy). Look at the position of the Great Lakes when the anti-vermin weapon takes out the satellite. The beam is coming from southern Indiana.

How cool is *that*?

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